Belgian comic strips exhibition in Shkodra and Tirana

Friday 18 April 2014 by en

Belgium is not only beer and chocolates, but many other things. One of its cultural values is comic strips, considered in Belgium as an art in itself. Belgian artists are pioneers in this field and have played an important role in the development of this art in Europe. This is why Mr. Willem De Graeve, P&R director of the Belgian Comic Strip Center, opened several exhibitions in Balkans.

After Sofia, Veles and Pristina, Mr. De Greave together with the Ambassador of Belgium finally ended their "Balkan tour" about Belgian comic strips in Shköder and Tirana with the Belgian comic strip author Marc Sleen and his hero "Nero".

On Thursday the 10th of April, they were happy to welcome the deputy-minister of Culture in Albania, the representative of the European Union and the Dutch Ambassador in Tirana for the opening ceremony of the "Marc Sleen" exhibition.

Previous to this event, Mr. De Graeve gave also a lecture about Belgian comics. Special thanks to the people of the EU Info center in Shköder for their great collaboration in the organization of these events.

Mr. De Graeve from the Belgian Comic Strip Center

On Friday 11th, Mr. De Graeve gave also a lecture about Belgian comics at the Faculty of fine arts. Once more, this was an opportunity for the students of this institution to discover the Belgian "9th art".

This was also the last stage of this intense and relevant "Balkan tour" about Belgian comics. But we are sure that other initiatives will follow among all the participants in all the concerned countries.

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