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Balkan Trafik ! - 7th edition: from 17th to 21st April 2013

Thursday 28 March 2013

For its 7th edition, Balkan Trafik! presents the best of music, dance and film in South-Eastern Europe. The most powerful brass bands from Serbia and Romania, the best Turkish jazzmen and gypsy musicians, the most beautiful sevdah voices from Bosnia, devilish rock from Pristina, clubbing on the hottest electro from Athens, the prince of the gypsy synthesizer and the masters of Albanian wedding music!

Each year in April, more than 6000 visitors come and experience the surrealism of the Balkans in the heart of Brussels. A unique festival in Europe at a unique venue.

This year the public will be able to enjoy the concerts of reknown artists from the region as the rockstars Jericho, Jazzsinger Eda Zari and Thoma Loli & Aleks Micka

Jericho (XK)

Saturday 20.04.2013 - 00:00 > 00:45 – Hall Horta | Horta Hall

With their classic line-up of singer, rhythm and solo guitar, bass, and drums, they look like your standard rock group, but there is more to these Kosovan rockers than that. They are not afraid to use traditional instruments too – or to sing in their local Gheg dialect, not exactly a major international language. But their powerful cocktail of rock, grunge, electronica, and folk has won them a growing army of fans in the former Yugoslavia and further afield.

music :

Thoma Loli & Aleks Micka (AL) Vino Zirkus

- Friday 19/04/2013 – 18:15 > 19:00, 22:15 > 22:45 & 02:45 > 03:00 - Sturday 20/04/2013 – 21:00 > 21:45 & 23:30 > 00:15

The clarinettist Thoma Loli is from the Labëria region of southern Albania, which borders on Greece and whose music is closely related to Greek music. He specialises in a repertoire of polyphonic songs traditionally sung to liven up weddings and other festive occasions. Loli and the singer Aleks Micka are sure to create the right atmosphere, whether you are in the mood for marrying or not!

Eda Zari (AL)

20:00 > 20:45 (Partie 1 | Part 1) & 22:30 > 23:15 (Partie 2 | Part 2) - Salle M | Hall M

The beautiful Albanian singer Eda Zari was born in Tirana and studied to be an opera singer in Cologne. As a child she was introduced to the traditional songs and dances of southern Albania by her uncles. Her elegant songs, which she writes herself, offer a contemporary interpretation of the polyphonic music of her homeland, wonderfully combining the sweet sounds of her Tosk dialect with the harmonies and complex rhythms of jazz.

Music :

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