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The association “CONALTRI - Congress of Albanians in Trieste 2013” has been established to celebrate the Centenary of the Congress of Albanians that was held in Trieste (1st-4th March 1913), as well as the Centenary of the Declaration of Independence of Albania (28th November 1912)”.

From 1st to 4th March 1913 in the regional capital of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region the "Congress of Albanians in Trieste" was held in the "Palazzo Dreher" (building of the famous beer company), today "Palazzo della Borsa". This Congress followed the declaration of independence of 28th November 1912 to decide the status and the kind of the government of this young Country of the Eagles. On this occasion, numerous Albanian patriots from the Balkans, from the United States, from Turkey and from Italy arrived in Trieste. The importance of this congress is demonstrated by the high participation of distinguished personalities of the Albanian History (Terenzio Tocci, Fuat Toptani, Fan S. Noli, etc.) and by the large presence of journalists arrived from the most important European capitals to follow the event.

On the occasion of the celebration of the above mentioned two Centenaries (Congress of Albanians in Trieste and Declaration of Independence of Albania) a specific association has been established ("conALtri", meaning "with others" in Italian language and international acronym of "Congress of Albanians in Trieste") to celebrate and remember these two important historical events for the Country of the Eagles. “conALtri” would like to represent a "reference point for the aggregation of the whole Albanian Diaspora and of other Albanians", promoting "the Albanian tradition and culture through socio-cultural, historical and scientific events and activities”. “conALtri” would like to represent also a place where to implement the analysis, exchange the ideas and knowledge with the Albanian Community.

The memorandum of association has been signed on Tuesday 21st September 2010, in the "Borsa" Buffet, because on 1913 within the "Palazzo della Borsa", originally named "Palazzo Dreher", the Congress of the Albanians was held.

conALtri is an open association to everybody who has the pleasure to collaborate for the organisation of the above mentioned two important events. For more information and for the application to the association, please contact the following email: .

conALtri Press.Office Dott. Herald Qyqja E-mail

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