PARIS : South East European Film Festival 9-12 May

L’Entrepôt and Amphitheater Jean Renoir-ESRA Paris

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The second edition of the Film Festival of South-East European cinema is to be held from the 9th until the 12th of May 2012. Organised by South-East European Cinematography "SEE a Paris", the President of the festival is the author of theater dramas Jordan Plevnes. The festival program includes feature films, documentaries, animated and short films from all 12 SEE countries.


10 May 2012

Amphitheater Jean Renoir - ESRA Paris

11:30-13:00 "I Know I had a better title, but I forgot it", (Kosovo), 85’

Director: Arben I. Kastrati

1996 – 1999…30 scenes in 30 years, one story told per year by the main character – Kosovar actor…

4 characters that mostly influenced the life of the young actor make an introduction of every scene (year) by answering differently on questions related to religion, work, politics, art, sex…Father had national answers, Mother had national and cosmopolitan answers, Teacher had balanced answers between national and ideological opinion, TV Speaker had official communist ideological answers …by discovering cinema at age 5 (“where American imperialist films were shown”), he discovers a different world, different from the world he was living…a window of his life…he discovers the will of the people to go to cinema to simply escape reality for two hours (even by paying tickets)…he decides to become an actor and live in USA (in a country where his “window” films were produced, to become a star and have his own picture on the cinema…in USA he discovers the importance of “time”…after his fathers death he returns back and struggles all his life to make a film with world wide success made from “roots”(homeland)…he passes thru difficulties by trying to find his identity in Former Yugoslavia…fall of communism, death of Yugoslavia, Bosnian war, Kosova war are the circumstances that made his film script changed by the events and never shoot (filmed)…this sad story’s are told with unique sense of humor…

11 May 2012

Amphitheater Jean Renoir - ESRA Paris

12:00-13:00 Balkan authors from World Universities :
- "Iliriana" (Netherlands/Kosovo), Director: Ernest Meholli

13:00-14.30 SEE short, animated and documentary movies :
- "The Wedding tape" (Kosovo), Director: Ariel Shaban
- "The Red Apple 3" (Kosovo), Director: Mentor Berisha

L’Entrepot : 7, rue Francis de Pressensé, 75014 Paris

15:40-17:40 "Book" (Albania), 8’

Directors : Elton Baxhaku, Eriona Çami

This is a film about the book. The art and the craft of making the object which has always been and is part of our life. Starting as a sheet of paper, it gets all the violence of the machinery, like press power, folding, cuttings and bindings, in order to be finalized as unity which encloses words. This unity is called “book”. But, what really makes the book a book? The “voice” of Stéphane Mallarmé narrates some of the answers of this question.

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