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THE PROMENADE GALLERY presents Ardian ISUFI : U.O. (Unidentified Object). Opening march 05, 2012 at 18.00 until April 5, 2012

... Factory chimney & mosque minaret is a "site specific" installation in Venice where an object with dimensions (15 to 17 in height) will be built almost in the same shape as the one in Kavaja city -Albania in order to comeclose to the authenticity of the latter (20 meters in real height. Also,throughout the time it would stand installed (the object will undoubtedly betemporary) the muezzin (his voice) would sing out the Adhan, the ritual reminder made to all faithful Muslims 5 times a day !!!

... the work portrays "faith transition" which in this case is enlightened by this collage object of history and religion intending to make it more transitory and carry as an idea to place it in a Christian country where the surprise "goes on"!!! and the biggest and controversial discussion my idea-installation provokes is the issue of "faith co-habitation" which in itself is much more complex because the work touches on issues related to integration of cultures, religions, freedoms of individual and acceptance of your identity in such a globalist atmosphere which is verwhelming the entire world!

... It was not by chance that this idea struck me after the NEWS and surprising discussion about a mosque to be built on (ground O) near the twin towers in New York and given that my recent creativity is oriented towards a busy art, then I draw a parallel of discussion in the right place (Venice -one of Christianity icons) and at the right time (Biennale-one of the most important activities in visual arts) about the above mentioned topic of "faith co-habitation"

History U.O. (unidentified object) In 60-70 years in Kavaja (Middle Albania) it was constructed the glass factory which operated at slow rates as part of the failed communist strategy, which is also reflected in its poor state with outdated machinery. from ’90ies until today this industrial compound is being rapidly degraded to ruins, but to everyone’s surprise a modified mosque with a minaret-turned factory chimney lies at its entre.

From the highway you could hear the muezzin singing out the Adhan !!!...(this is how I first came in contact with this object while traveling from Durres to Kavaje) Realization of the work U.O. (unidentified object) Iron construction - square pipes of different dimensions (the height of facility is divided into four parts) Factory chimney - Imitated material (light) in the shape of brick and wall (elastic sheet iron) Mosque minaret - Stainless steel material -I (elastic metallic sheet) Loudspeakers - 2 pieces (integrated audio) p.s. the height and installation of the object are disputable (refer to photomontage U.O. -unidentified object in Venice)

Ardian Isufi Born: Tirana, Albania 1973

Education: Academy of Arts, Tirana, Albania, 1995

Related Professional Experience

1996- Present Asc. Professor at the Graphic Atelier, “University of Arts” Tirana, Albania.

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