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Pristina, a City’s Heritage at Risk

Patrimoine sans Frontières and Cultural Heritage without Border
Friday 30 May 2014 by en, E. Noygues

Today, neglected by the authorities which are meant to protect it, subject to botched restoration work and illegal demolition, Pristina’s urban heritage and particularly that of the old town, is threatened to the extent that many experts fear that this historic zone and its monuments may disappear.

Pristina’s architectural heritage is made up of secular buildings such as typical Ottoman houses, hamams and fountains, and religious buildings like mosques. During the Communist era, many buildings were destroyed to give way to new ones under the motto “Destroy the old, Build the new”.

The Old Bazaar, which had been the economic centre of the city since its construction in the 15th century, had become symbolic of a decadent era as well as a symbol of capitalism and was destroyed during this period. Kosovo also suffered two important waves of destruction during the 1998-99 ethnic war and 2004 riots.

These events resulted in the politicisation of heritage and the destruction of buildings came to be seen as a means to eradicate any trace of the other community. Since 1999 the UN and other international organisations have worked to bring the communities together on the question of heritage.

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Pristina, a City’s Heritage at Risk

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