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Kiço Blushi (1943-2019) : a screenwriter successful in Albanian cinema

In his honor, AQSHF offers three short sequences from the restoration of the classic "The Second November" on YouTube
Friday 8 February 2019 by en, E. Noygues

A rich artistic carrier

Kiço Blushi studied Russian and Albanian literature and his devotion to the written word is evident in all his work for the screen. In the practice of the screenwriting craft, he created characters and stories that will live on in Albanian culture.

Blushi has written 14 screenplays for feature films; two documentaries and animation movies as well.

In the space of just one decade, Blushi wrote fourteen of the most influential feature screenplays in the Kinostudio era beginning with Xhanfise Keko’s Beni Walks on His Own (1975) and ending with Drita Koçi’s The Mistake (1986).

In between, Kiço Blushi wrote some of the most popular and artistic films in Albanian cinema: Saimir Kumbaro’s Concert in the year 1936 (1978), Dhimiter Anagnosti’s family drama In Our Home (1979) and Viktor Gjika’s independence epic The Second November (1982).

His first screenplay was “Cifti Lumtur” (Happy Couple) in 1975, as a co-writer. And for the screenplay of “Beni Ecen Vete”, (Ben walks on his own), he received The Prize of the Republic, Class III.

In his honor, "Arkivi Qendror Shteteror i Filmit" offered three short sequences from the restoration of the classic The Second November, restored by The Albanian Cinema Project in ColorLab, USA.


A personality taking public roles

On February 20th 1990, he was appointed by President Ramiz Alia as member of the Presidential Council. From 1991 to 1996 he was an elected MP of the Albanian Parliament, with the Socialist Party.

From 1997 to 2001, he was once again an MP for the Socialist Party, but the electoral system transferred him under the Social-Democratic Party, a coalition member.

Later he became Editor in Chief of the “Koha Jone” newspaper, and then became a member of the Board of Directors at Albania’s Public Television.

After resigning from this post, he remained active in politics. He was member of Tirana’s Municipal Council from 2007 to 2015, with the Socialist Party.


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